Requirements to papers

Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
1. This submission has not previously been published and was not sent to the editorial boards of other journals (or the comments for the editor below are necessary explanations).
2. The submission file is a document in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, RTF or WordPerfect.
3. Internet links in the text are accompanied by complete correct URLs.
4. The text meets the requirements for the stylistics and bibliography set forth in the Керівництві для авторів of the section "About the Journal".

Author Guidelines

The visnyk presents the results of theoretical and applied research in the field of ecology, geography, environmental safety, environmental protection and balanced nature. Priority is given to address a wide range of environmental issues, new directions for applied ecology, innovative research, the development of information technologies in the field of environment and balanced nature. Questions of organization and methodological studies of national higher environmental and conservation education.
For professors, researchers and professionals, students and graduate students of Ukraine and other countries.
 Journal does not have  article submission charges
The authors are responsible for the publication content and declare that this is their own work and the results have not been published before.

Articles are published in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Articles are reviewed by two independent reviewers.

Articles are checked for plagiarism.

Articles are rejected if they do not meet the log profile or the design does not meet the requirements.
All papers must be submitted in both electronic and printed forms.
All authors must agree to be so listed and must have seen and approved the manuscript, its content, and its submission to the Journal. The Journal will send an email to all authors to confirm receipt of each paper. Submission of a paper that has not been approved by all authors may result in immediate rejection without further appeal.

The article should contain all necessary information in compliance with the requirements and official decisions  of the Higher Certification Commission of Ukraine (The Resolution № 7-05/1 of January 15, 2003 Increase of requirements for research periodicals included in the List of the Higher Certification Commission):
1) general research problem and relevant issues overview;
2) introduction to the subject field with the latest advances analysis;
3) emphasis of the problem components still required to be solved; 4) paper goals outlining;
5) presentation of the paper basics,
6) research conclusions with research result validation and further research perspectives. 

Requirements to the Manuscript

 Article should be submitted in the format of Microsoft Word, font - Times New Roman, size - 11, line spacing - 1.0, all margins - 2.5 cm. Bold Italic font highlighted subheadings in the article.
Page orientation - portrait. Alignment - the width. Paragraph - 1.0 cm.
The article should contain the following:
UDC (size - 11, left),
Name and surname of the author (size 11, bold, capital), academic degree and title (size 11) - in the center.
The full name of the institution and its address, e-mail and ORCID ID for each author (size - 10, Italic, centered).
Title of the article (size - 11, bold, capital, centered).
Abstracts and keywords (size - 10, line spacing - 1.0). For experimental articles, submit a structured annotation, where you must specify the words: Мета (Purpose. Цель. ). Методи (Methods. Методы. )Результати (Results. Результаты.) Висновки ( Conclusions. Выводы)  
English abstract should be constructed both in abstract journals and reflect the essence of the experiments, the main results and their interpretation (not less than 1800 characters). Ukrainian and Russian annotations must be at least 500 characters.
The paper text is placed just below these three abstracts. All illustrations and figures should be embedded in the paper text. All visuals must be in black and white.
The list of references is given transferred to Latin (transliterated and translated into English if there is an English version of the source) and links placed in accordance with international standards (e.g., APA).
Authors should submit the following personal information: full name, academic degree, and academic status, place of employment, position.
Manuscripts that are not designed properly, will not be accepted for publication.
Editors reserve the right to make an editorial revision of the manuscript.

Copyright Notice

Authors reserve the right of attribution for the submitted manuscript while transferring to the Journal the right to publish the article under the Creative Commons Attribution License. This license allows free distribution of the published work under the condition of proper attribution of the original authors and the initial publication source (i.e. the Journal)
Authors have the right to enter into separate agreements for additional non-exclusive distribution of the work in the form it was published in the Journal (such as publishing the article on the institutional website or as a part of a monograph), provided the original publication in this Journal is properly referenced
The Journal allows and encourages online publication of the manuscripts (such as on personal web pages), even when such a manuscript is still under editorial consideration since it allows for a productive scientific discussion and better citation dynamics (see The Effect of Open Access).

Privacy Statement

Names and emails specified by users of this magazine site will only be used to perform the internal technical tasks of this journal; they will not be distributed and transferred to third parties.